Diplomacy is the practice of conducting negotiations and managing relations between factions. Diplomacy can take several forms, but can be divided into two broad categories of "Formal" and "Informal".

I. Diplomatic Management

1. Formal Diplomacy

a. Diplomatic Accreditation

Diplomatic accreditation is the recognition and acceptance by one faction that another faction is represented by a specific character or agent. Accreditation is necessary for a faction's characters and agents to enter into another faction's regions. Factions may grant and request accreditation for any character or agent. Some characters and agents are exempt from this requirement. Lords do not require accreditation in order to enter regions governed by vassals. Agents operating covertly also do not require accreditation.

When accreditation is removed from a character or agent who is presently residing in the region in which it is required, all actions and missions except for movement are no longer available until the unit exits the region.

b. Embassies

An embassy is the residency of a diplomatic mission. An embassy enables permanent diplomatic relations through the creation of a corresponding sub-forum where represented factions may conduct informal diplomacy.

c. Treaties

2. Informal Diplomacy

II. Tools of Diplomacy

1. Emissaries

2. Ambassadors

3. Characters

4. Political Facilities

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