The Fremen are the native people of Arrakis. While many live in the governed cities and fortresses of the imperial fiefs, still more are thought to live in the Deep Desert in sietches, communities built into large rock formations. "Fremen" is a faction category separate from Minor and Great Houses, defining the abilities and restrictions of the three playable Fremen factions.

I. Basic History

II. Fremen Abilities and Restrictions

The Fremen factions are governed by several rules which apply specifically to them. The rules are designed to facilitate behavior consistent with the canon actions of the Fremen people. While the faction rules for the Fremen are different, the rules which apply to resource management, characters and agents, and other systems remain the same unless otherwise noted.

Most notably, the Fremen factions are not a part of the Imperium. Fremen characters cannot hold noble titles, though they can be granted commissions and warrants. In this sense, no Fremen faction can hold a region by virtue of attaining a fiefdom, and can only assert ownership by military occupation. However, Fremen factions enjoy great resource and development advantages when in the Deep Desert and have extremely powerful military units.

Instead of the Imperium, all Fremen factions are a part of the Ichwan Bedwine, a loose nationalist and ethnic identity which bind the various tribes together. The Ichwan Bedwine does not function like the Imperium with its patrimonial political system. Rather, all tribes are represented equally and expected to treat each tribe with respect. Because of this organization and the relatively close proximity of the various tribes, Fremen factions do not require an ambassador, emissary, or radio tower to communicate, propose treaties, or otherwise conduct diplomacy among themselves.

1. Abilities

2. Restrictions

  • Cannot hold Imperial titles
  • Cannot create new titles

III. Fremen Factions

There are three playable factions. Each occupies a separate region on Arrakis. The three factions are: Gara Kulon, Tabr, and Windgap.

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