In Dune: Imperium, Jihad is a holy war launched against oppression and injustice. Jihad is a particular state of war available only to Fremen factions which significantly changes several game play variables. It chiefly favors military actions at the cost of economic and social development.

I. Jihad in Dune

II. Using Jihad

Jihad may only be called by the Fremen factions in unison and against only one region of a different religion. Any one of the Fremen tribes may request jihad in the Ichwan Bedwine. This triggers a voting session. Any one "nay" vote defeats the motion and jihad is not declared. If successfully voted, the jihad takes immediate effect. The Fremen factions can abandon the jihad at any time, individually or collectively. The effects of jihad no longer apply when a faction abandons it. A jihad is completed when it is totally abandoned or when the targeted region is captured.

1. Advantages

Jihad represents the complete unification and subordination of society to the holy war. Thus, the mobilization of society significantly changes the ways in which society functions. It enables:

  • 50% combat bonus to all military units
  • 25% leadership bonus for all characters and agents
  • 15% manpower increase
  • 100% increase in political stability
  • Instantaneous conversion of all conquered regions to the Fremen religion
  • Availability of special units

2. Disadvantages

However, mass mobilization of society for Holy War comes at great cost. The subordination of the political will to the Jihad disrupts the normal development of society.

  • Termination of all spice production
  • 80% decrease in productivity of all other resources
  • -25% population of all conquered regions
  • Termination of all agreements with non-Fremen factions
  • Loss of all commissions and warrants
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