Leadership is an agent and character variable which influences the performance of the assigned missions and skills.

I. How Leadership Functions

Leadership is a variable expressed by a numeral between one (1) and ten (10). Each agent and character has a leadership value. The higher the value, the more likely the agent or character will complete their mission. It will also increase the impact of modifying behavior. Leadership also reflects personal security, and thus it will reduce the chance that an agent or character will fall victim to an assassin's hand.

II. Improving Leadership

Leadership can be improved by experience or training. When an agent is recruited or a character created, they assume an initial base leadership value. This can be increased by successfully completing missions or through active training. The leadership value can be reduced only if the agent or character suffers an injury, such as a failed assassination attempt.

III. Leadership and Faction Variables

Leadership negatively impacts a faction's stability. The average of all character leadership values of a faction will degenerate that faction's internal stability. Too many strong leaders will likely pursue their own course unless tempered and guided by prestige and loyalty. A low leadership average will strengthen a faction's stability, as it reflects the conformity of that faction's characters to the will of their lord.

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