Military Capabilities

Military capabilities are a set of competencies which measure a faction's capacity to conduct various aspects of warfare.

I. General Overview

The military capabilities measure a faction's competence in various aspects of war. This enables a player to properly manage and tailor his military forces, and provides a foundation for the Battle Resolution Calculator. Each unit has a fixed specific rating for each capability (1-100), while the faction as a whole has a rating for each as well (also 1-100). The faction's ratings, however, are variable; dependent upon the player's development through military doctrines, training, research, character and agent leadership, and institutions (i.e. facilities).

II. Capabilities

1. Firepower

Firepower is the capacity to control, direct, and manage a "heavy" mass of fires into an enemy or enemy possession. It not only measures the rate and type of fires, but also the ability to accurately control such fires. High firepower units are able to provide a higher concentration of killing power on the target.

2. Maneuver

Maneuver is the capacity to place the enemy into a position of disadvantage through battlefield movement. It measures the mobility and speed of military forces. High maneuver units are able to rapidly navigate natural terrain.

3. Leadership

Leadership is the capacity of key leaders on the battlefield to manage and direct military formations throughout all levels of command. It measures command, control, and communication between echelons during military action, ensuring that leaders are able to make timely and relevant decisions. High leadership units are able to operate in smaller formations and complex environments.

4. Training

Training reflects the quality of personnel, including but not limited to physical stamina, mental preparation, familiarization with differing terrain types and features, and the mastery of various equipment. High training units are able to withstand more demands of the battlefield.

5. Intelligence

Intelligence measures the capacity to collect and analyze relevant battlefield information accurately and rapidly in order to build situational awareness. High intelligence units are able to accurately identify enemy formations and movements.

6. Projection

Projection is the capacity to conduct military actions from locations far from the base of operations. High projection units are able to operate independently of formations.

7. Endurance

Endurance measures the capacity of a unit or equipment to operate without rest and reconsolidation. High endurance units are able to sustain higher operational tempos.

III. Improving Capabilities

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