Mission Agents

Mission Agents perform specific tasks, called "missions", in the service of a faction.

I. Mission Agents

Mission agents perform tasks which are mostly oriented towards clandestine activities, such as espionage, counter-intelligence, and direct action. In the complexity of the Dune Universe, the skills of mission agents are essential; whether the player has offensive aims or only peaceful intentions, mission agents will certainly be on the front-lines to determine the best course of action.

II. Recruitment and Training

III. Performing Missions

IV. Agent Types

The mission agents are:

i. Swordmaster

The swordmaster is a powerful mission agent which a variety of skills.

ii. Suicide Bomber

The suicide bomber is a "fire-and-forget" agent which can kill characters or destroy facilities. The agent dies during the performance of his duties.

iii. Terrorist Cell

The terrorist cell is a low-cost offensive agent.

  • Assassination
  • Sabotage
  • Permanent Cover
  • False Flag

iv. Hunter-Seeker

The hunter-seeker is an aggressive and expensive offensive agent.

v. Face-Dancer

The Face-Dancer is an all-purpose covert agent. The agent assumes role of any other agent, but performs duties at extremely reduced effectiveness

vi. Truthsayer

The Truthsayer is a powerful defensive agent.

vii. Informant

The informant is a constant source of information. While the agent may be recruited anywhere by a field agent, he cannot leave the fiefdom in which he was recruited.

  • Espionage
  • Counter-intelligence
  • Permanent Cover

viii. Field Agent

The field agent is an all-purpose offensive agent.

  • Assassination
  • Targeted Killing
  • Rendition
  • Espionage
  • Sabotage
  • Theft
  • Propaganda
  • Defection
  • Recruitment
  • Permanent Cover
  • False Flag

ix. Ghola

The ghola is an expensive all-purpose agent. The agent is able to assume the identity of any other agent, but performs the actions at marginally reduced effectiveness.

x. Intelligence Officer

The intelligence officer is an all-purpose defensive agent.

xi. Inquisitor

The Inquisitor is a unit with exclusively religious missions.

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