Prestige is a character, agent, and faction variable which measures the reputation and esteem of a faction. Prestige play several critical roles which affect game play.

I. How Prestige Functions

Prestige is a variable expressed by a numeral between one (1) and ten (10) for characters and agents, and one (1) and (100) for a faction.

II. Character and Agent Prestige

Character and agent prestige represent the personal integrity and honor of the individuals. This variable affects missions which rely on interaction with other characters and agents, such as defection. Others are more likely to cooperate with a character or agent who has a high prestige rating.

III. Faction Prestige

Faction prestige represents the overall reputation of the ruling family. High prestige illustrates the respect and honorable behavior of the faction whereas low prestige represents a dishonorable or untrustworthy family. Faction prestige specifically affects the attraction of capable agents. A high faction prestige will attract agents with relatively higher loyalty and leadership values.

IV. Managing Prestige

1. Character and Agent Prestige Modifying Events

  • Successful completion of mission (+)
  • Failed mission (-)
  • Killing a character (-)
  • Released from service (-)
  • Commission or warrant (+)
  • Revocation of commission or warrant (-)

2. Faction Prestige Modifying Events

  • Entering a treaty (+)
  • Suspending or terminating a treaty (-)
  • New Character (+)
  • Character prestige ratings (+)
  • Construction of special facilities (+)
  • Military victory (+)
  • Military occupation without title (-)
  • Reception of a fiefdom (+)
  • Revocation of a fiefdom (-)
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