Royal Marriage

A royal marriage is the union of two characters from separate factions. The agreement ties both dynasties together. A royal marriage has numerous affects on the participating factions. All royal marriages are arranged; that is, both factions must agree as to its establishment and which characters are to be wed. Other than forming a de facto alliance between two factions, the marriage also enables the creation of characters and the acquisition and claim of titles and fiefdoms. Despite its positive benefits for those involved, when taken into the political balance, royal marriages may unintentionally constrain factions or lead them into conflict.

I. Forming a Royal Marriage

A marriage is formed between one male and one female character from separate factions. The faction from which the male character originates is always the primary benefactor of the union. While neither player loses direct control of the participating characters, all noble titles, fiefdoms, and claims held by the female character are bestowed on the male character.

Marriages may be proposed for any unwed character by other characters of the same faction, or the faction's ambassadors. Once both parties accept the conditions of the union, including the addition of a dowry if necessary, it is automatically completed. Wedding ceremonies are not simulated by the system, allowing players to role-play them as they wish.

II. Using the Marriage

Marriages serve a variety of purposes. They are used to form political alliances, create new characters, and acquire titles, fiefdoms, and claims. The creation of new characters may be made only at the request of the primary faction, but this requires the consent of the secondary faction. All new characters "join" upon "birth" the primary faction. As it is a union, any title bestowed on either character is technically granted to the marriage as a whole; but the marriage is exclusively represented by the male character, who assumes all titles, fiefdoms, and claims awarded to either character.

III. Dissolving a Royal Marriage

A royal marriage can only be dissolved by the Judge of the Change. The specific conditions under which the Judge annuls a marriage may vary based on game play. Political and social norms may prevent the Judge from annulling a marriage except under very strict conditions, such as defection. Upon the death of one or both members of the marriage, a marriage is automatically dissolved without penalty. Upon the death of the male character, inheritance is given to the most direct male relation (i.e. eldest son).

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