A treaty is an agreement entered into by two or more factions which define their relations and behavior among one another. Several kinds of treaties exist in Dune: Imperium which enable a variety of political, economic, and military relations between factions. The treaties described in this section are formal agreements with system-based effects, and thus bind players to them. Agreements not specifically mentioned here can be made between players, but they remain non-binding as far as game rules are concerned.

I. Types of Treaties

1. Royal Marriage

A Royal Marriage is union between two characters from separate factions which enable the creation of characters, and claims on titles and fiefdoms.

2. Trade Agreement

A trade agreement is a treaty which enables the exchange of resources and goods between factions.

3. Economic Rights

Economic Rights govern the ability of one faction to conduct economic activities in the fiefdoms of another faction.

4. Transit Rights

Transit Rights govern the Spacing Guild's interstellar service of transportation of personnel, equipment, and goods.

5. Basing Rights

Basing Rights enable the deployment of military forces to another faction's fiefdoms without instigating conflict or civil disorder.

II. Establishing Treaties

III. Disputing and Suspending Treaties

IV. Terminating Treaties

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